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Add Character to Your Space with Our Eclectic Decoration Collection

Decorative elements are the final touch that pull a room together, injecting personality and warmth. Our varied collection of decoration pieces – mirrors, candles & candleholders, vases, clocks, decorative objects, posters, wallpapers, planters & flowerpots – offers a myriad of options to embellish your interiors. Ranging from sleek modern designs to timeless classics, we provide pieces that suit all aesthetics and preferences.

These items, while small in scale, can dramatically transform your space. Whether it's a mirror reflecting light, a vase holding fresh blooms, or a wallpaper setting the room's tone, our collection lets you make statements, big and small. Break away from the mundane and bring your space to life with our unique decorative pieces, which are not just accessories, but an expression of your style.


    DOUBLE - Throw


    The WOUD Double Throw: Wrapped in Nordic Warmth Imbued with the spirit of Scandinavian design, the WOUD Double Throw is a testament to the harmonious blend of luxury and functionality....

    KABIN - Vase

    €145,00 €175,00

    The Kabin Vase Series by 101 Copenhagen: A Confluence of Scandinavian and Japanese Craftsmanship In the realm of contemporary interior decor, 101 Copenhagen continually carves out a niche with its...

    KYOTO - Vase

    €85,00 €195,00

    101 Copenhagen's Kyoto Vase: A Harmony of East Meets West in Design In the world of sophisticated home decor, 101 Copenhagen stands out for its impeccable fusion of diverse design...



    101 Copenhagen Sphere Bubl Mini Vase: Where Tradition Meets Modernity MINIMUM ORDER QTY. - 4 pieces. An emblem of 101 Copenhagen's signature aesthetic, the Sphere Vase holds a special place...


    €45,00 €55,00

    101 Copenhagen Sphere Shisen Vase: Where Tradition Meets Modernity MINIMUM ORDER QTY. - 4 pieces. An emblem of 101 Copenhagen's signature aesthetic, the Sphere Shisen Vase holds a special place...


    €60,00 €75,00

    101 Copenhagen Sphere Shisen Vase: Where Tradition Meets Modernity MINIMUM ORDER QTY. - 4 pieces. An emblem of 101 Copenhagen's signature aesthetic, the Sphere Shisen Vase holds a special place...

    PEEK - Mirror

    €215,00 €735,00

    Northern's Peek Mirror: Reflections with an Artistic Edge Step into a world where functionality seamlessly merges with art. Northern presents the Peek Mirror series, an exquisite collection that offers more...

    MUFFINS - Candleholder

    €90,00 €115,00

    Add a Touch of Elegance with the Muffins PC1008 Candleholder by Brokis Discover the Muffins PC1008 Candleholder by Brokis, a compact beacon of sophistication and warmth for your living space....

    ROMBO - Rug

    €165,00 €530,00

    WOUD Rombo Rug: A Textural Harmony of Wool and Jute The WOUD Rombo Rug series, conceived by Studio MLR, is a testament to the harmonious interplay of natural materials. Combining...

    KYOTO - Rug

    €280,00 €1.640,00

    WOUD Kyoto Rug: A Zen-Inspired Textural Experience The WOUD Kyoto Rug transforms floors into a canvas of tranquility, mirroring the meditative qualities of Japanese Zen gardens. The hand-tufted wool rug...

    TINT - Rug

    €315,00 €1.485,00

    WOUD Tint Rug: A Spectrum of Serenity The WOUD Tint Rug brings a sensory experience to any room with its tightly tufted texture and a symphony of colours that shift...

    TACT - Rug

    €190,00 €980,00

    Tact Rug: Weaving Touch into Textiles Immerse your senses in the hand-woven comfort of the Tact Rug. Its signature design, punctuated with circular droplets, offers a unique tactile experience that...

    JEU DE DÉS - Candle Holder

    €55,00 €75,00

    The WOUD Jeu de dés Candle Holder: A Symphony of Shapes Infuse playfulness and sophistication into your decor with the WOUD Jeu de dés Candle Holders. Crafted to offer versatility...

    MOUNTAIN - Paperweight


    WOUD Magazine Paperweight: An Emblem of Stature Cast from the robust beauty of solid travertine, the WOUD Magazine Paperweight is an artistic homage to the enduring silhouette of mountainous terrains....

    ARKIV - Bookend


    The WOUD Arkiv Bookend: A Monument to Literature Embrace the strength and beauty of architectural form with the WOUD Arkiv Bookend. Taking cues from the classical language of arches and...

    MOUNTAIN - Magazine Holder


    WOUD Mountain Magazine Holder: A Summit for Your Reads The WOUD Mountain Magazine Holder stands as an ode to the majestic peaks of nature, crafted from the enduring elegance of...

    BOOKND - Bookend


    WOUD Booknd Bookends: Symmetry in Stone The WOUD Booknd Bookends are a paean to elegance and balance in bookshelf organization. Carved from smooth, luxurious marble, each set comprises a small...

    PIDESTALL - Planter

    €70,00 €235,00

    WOUD Pidestall Planter: Cultivate Your Indoor Eden The Pidestall Planter invites you to infuse life into your living space with a touch of green. Crafted for those who appreciate the...


    €70,00 €150,00

    Rina Rhinoceros Decor: A Playful Twist on Wildlife Sculptures Rina the rhinoceros, a delightful representation of wildlife, brings the charm of the animal kingdom into the home with its solid...


    €70,00 €150,00

    Hibo Hippopotamus Decor: A Heartwarming Oak Sculpture Hibo the hippopotamus is a captivating oak sculpture that simplifies the robustness of hippos into a charming and affectionate form. Its deep black...


    €105,00 €175,00

    Nunu Elephant Decor: The Essence of Simplicity and Affection Embodied in solid oak, Nunu the elephant is a minimalist sculpture that channels the essence of the gentle giant. With a...

    MIRROR BARB - Mirror


    The Woud Mirror Barb: Reflecting Beauty and Versatility The Woud Mirror Barb represents a blend of utility and elegance in a single form. Crafted from robust solid oak, this circular...

    BLOOM - Tray

    €30,00 €195,00

    101 Copenhagen's Bloom Tray: A Nod to Nature with Modernist Flair Marrying the intricate artistry of floral designs with sculptural artistry, the Bloom Tray by 101 Copenhagen stands out as...

    DUCK - Plate

    €95,00 €195,00

    Duck Plate by 101 Copenhagen: Where Playfulness Meets Sophistication In the world of contemporary home decor, 101 Copenhagen's Duck Plate emerges as an embodiment of whimsy paired with sophistication. Drawing...

    DUCK - Tray

    €125,00 €265,00

    Duck Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Whimsical Fusion of Form and Function The minimalist trend has seen various adaptations, from stark simplicity to playful inclusions. The Duck Tray by 101...

    GETA - Tray


    Geta Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Nod to Tradition with a Contemporary Flair Japan has long been revered for its unique ability to merge time-honored tradition with modern aesthetics. The...

    MEDUSA - Tray

    €115,00 €195,00

    Medusa Tray by 101 Copenhagen: An Ode to the Ocean's Enigma Floating ethereally in the vast expanse of the sea, the jellyfish has always been a source of fascination and...

    OKA - Tray


    The Oka Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Nod to Tradition, Sculpted for the Contemporary Home Journeying through the corridors of time and tradition, 101 Copenhagen presents the Oka Tray, a...

    SHINJU - Tray

    €105,00 €335,00

    The Shinju Tray by 101 Copenhagen: A Pearl in the World of Design Capturing the allure of the ocean's most treasured gem, 101 Copenhagen introduces the Shinju Tray, a perfect...

    ARKET - Plant Pot

    €55,00 €595,00

    The Arket Plant Pot by 101 Copenhagen: Where Architecture Meets Nature Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of architectural designs and the serene undulations of organic forms, 101 Copenhagen’s Arket Plant...

    URCHIN - Plant Pot

    €55,00 €545,00

    101 Copenhagen's Urchin Plant Pot: A Seaside Inspiration Melded with Function Amidst the myriad plant pot designs, 101 Copenhagen’s Urchin Plant Pot is an ode to nature's artistry and an...

    BABURU - Bowl

    €45,00 €195,00

    101 Copenhagen's Baburu Bowl: A Fusion of Sculpture and Functionality In a world where design often oscillates between the starkly minimalistic and the overly ornate, 101 Copenhagen's Babaru Bowl stands...

    CURVE - Bowl

    €35,00 €155,00

    101 Copenhagen's Curve Bowl: Celebrating the Artistry of Clay 101 Copenhagen, renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship and design, presents the Curve Bowl, a masterpiece inspired deeply by the age-old...

    DUCK - Jar

    €20,00 €30,00

    101 Copenhagen's Duck Jar: A Charming Blend of Function and Whimsy Channeling the warmth and charm of delightful three-legged characters and benevolent creatures, 101 Copenhagen presents the Duck Jar. Part...

    DUCK - Bowl

    €25,00 €35,00

    Duck Bowl: A Whimsical Tribute to Design by 101 Copenhagen Taking cues from the charm of three-legged characters and affable creatures, the Duck Bowl from 101 Copenhagen effortlessly merges whimsy...

    OSAKA - Bowl


    Osaka Bowl: The Artful Amalgamation of Shapes by 101 Copenhagen Drawing from the rich tapestry of Asian ceramic storage designs, the Osaka Bowl by 101 Copenhagen stands as a testament...

    WING - Bowl

    €45,00 €145,00

    Wing Bowl: A Dance of Gravity and Elevation by 101 Copenhagen Defying the bounds of design and gravity, the Wing Bowl by 101 Copenhagen is a harmonious blend of ethereal...

    SCULPT - Wall Art

    €195,00 €995,00

    Sculpt Wall Art: Brutalist Inspiration Meets Sustainability by 101 Copenhagen Deeply rooted in the nuances of brutalist architecture and the minimalistic tendencies of 1960s American art, the Sculpt Art collection...

    TUBE - Candleholder

    €35,00 €75,00

    Tube Candleholder: Minimalistic Sculpture by 101 Copenhagen Embodying the essence of the 70s sculptural art, the Tube Candle Holders from 101 Copenhagen is a testament to the powerful simplicity of...

    BRICK - Candleholder

    €115,00 €195,00

    The Brick Candleholder: Architectural Elegance by 101 Copenhagen Drawing inspiration from foundational building elements, 101 Copenhagen's Brick Candle Holders are more than just functional objects; they're sculptural masterpieces. With an...

    About Decoration

    Our decoration collection exhibits an amalgamation of design diversity and tasteful elegance. Each piece, handpicked from renowned design studios, exudes charm and personality. Whether your goal is to create a focal point, establish a theme, or simply add a touch of sophistication, our collection caters to your creative ambition. Explore our range and let the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs inspire a refreshed perspective on your interior decor. Embellish your space with our tasteful decoration pieces and express your distinct aesthetic sensibility.

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